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CuePilot, a tool for creativity.

Perfect a performance with consistency between rehearsals and the live show, so that the entire team of singers, dancers and camera operators can all hit their marks, live.

Dark Side by Blind Channel

Finland Semi Final 2 at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021

CuePilot and CueApp in control.


Keith Urban at the Academy of Country Music Awards 2021

The shotlist shows the upcoming shot number, camera, duration and shot description. The timeline contains the camera cues and shot descriptions.


Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018

See how a choreographed live performance can be produced as tightly as an edited music video.

On Cue

Danish Music Awards 2020

See how CuePilot works with CueApp, letting camera operators see their next cues. The CueApp displays the same information as the CuePilot but is customisable for each user. It enables everyone to be on the same page at the same time.

Vision Effects

Chinese New Year Gala 2021 on ZJTV

CuePilot can control multiple vision switcher channels simultaneously, like ME1, ME2, AUX1, AUX2. With vision effects tracks executing keying and macros. This enables you to be creative and achieve complicated vision switching.

Precision Camera Coverage

Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018

With the ability to easily and consistently cue a camera team, the camera coverage becomes part of the choreography of a live performance.


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