Best in Show

Live performances as precise as an edited music video.

CuePilot lets you perfect a performance. It's a tool for creativity and delivers high production value.

In pre-production you can build a rundown of acts and be creative planning the camera coverage and special effects. Add reference media like a clip of the choreography and the music track to your timeline. Build a shotlist, adding shots and camera notes.

The application is easy to learn and intuitive to use. Collaborate with lighting and content teams and view your planned camera coverage in previsualisation software. Add cues for performers and stage staff, as well as OSC, GPI and MIDI cues.

Seen by Millions

Hundreds of millions.

CuePilot has executed hundreds of hours of live television all around the world. Each year, over 200 million viewers watch the Eurovision Song Contest live.

The biggest formats.

CuePilot has been used on all of the biggest formats. From The Voice, X Factor and Idol, to Dancing With The Stars and the Masked Singer.

Awards shows like the MTV Video Music Awards and Opening Ceremonies shows at big scale events like the League of Legends also use CuePilot to perfect their live performances.

Be inspired.

See how CuePilot is used.

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CuePilot Software

CuePilot for Mac & Windows, take your cue.

With CuePilot and CueApp, when it comes time for the first on-stage rehearsal, you are already ahead. Camera operators can view their personalised shotlists, and crew see their cues and be counted in.

The CuePilot application runs on a computer and interfaces with other devices through CuePilot hardware and over a network.

It's free to download and includes a DEMO project. Work is done on a project by project basis and there are different project levels to suit all needs.

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CueApp for iOS & Android, calling the shots.

The CuePilot Studio Server controls the vision switcher and sends cues across the network, enabling your team to focus on creativity. It lets you rehearse with consistency, eliminating variables and letting you always hit your marks.

The CueApp mobile application runs on tablets and phones, and lets your whole team see their cues.

It's free to download and use to access rundowns and acts from CuePilot projects.

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CuePilot Hardware

Nexus Studio Server, S6 Studio Server, BOB unit.

Execute your production with CuePilot's full potential by using Studio Server hardware.

CuePilot's Studio Server hardware enables the CuePilot software to connect to production equipment and enable other systems to be cued and controlled.

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CuePilot in Pre-Production

In pre-production, the CuePilot application runs on your own computers. Users access a shared project where they can create rundowns and acts.

Wide Shot Reference

Use any kind of camera, or just phone to record the choreography or rehearsal for adding to CuePilot for reference.

Add Media

Import the choreography, song, screen content etc to the act's timeline to help block a performance.

Build Rundowns, Arrange Acts, Write Notes

Add lyrics and cues to the timeline.

Create a Shotlist

Plan the camera coverage, in reference to the choreography and music by adding vision cues to the act's timeline


CuePilot is a cloud-based application allowing several users to work on the same project and its acts at the same time. Users can also work offline if no internet is available, and when the user is online again, all data will be synchronised with the server - and with the other users working on the same project.


Play out the planned camera coverage using OSC or MIDI with pre-visualisation software integration to visualise a performance's camera coverage.

CuePilot in the Studio

The CuePilot application will be running on an S6 Studio Server, Nexus Studio Server, or a laptop with a BOB unit, becoming heart of the operation.

Studio Server Connections

The vision switcher connects with RS422. Timecode sources connect with LTC. GPI devices connect with XLR. The cue screen output is through HD SDI. Network devices connect over ethernet.

Enable Studio Server Features

Vision switcher control is enabled, on ME/AUX/PGM channels. CueApp Server is enabled for CueApp devices on the local network to connect in studio. PTZ, OSC, GPI and MIDI can be enabled to connect more systems.

During Rehearsals

The incoming timecode, usually from the audio department or EVS. is played, triggering the CuePilot to play through the timeline, cutting the cameras on the vision switcher and CueApp shows countdowns for each individual camera.

It's easy and intuitive to make adjustments and modifications. All changes will be synchronised with all users.


CueApp devices are connected either using local network over a Wi-Fi or a wired network. This enables all users to see their cues and customise their view to show just the information relevant to them.

Live Production

CuePilot controls the vision switcher, executing the camera cuts. The camera team are cues through CueApp, with their own personalised shotlists.

You are always in control, use CuePilot to cut on ME1 and take over on PGM should the unexpected happen. Speed up or slow down cues if you're not working with timecode.